Testing No.5!

I love a trip away. A trip away with my husband, or husband and kids, or husband, kids and dog is such a lovely way to spend time. No ironing.. no cleaning, no mundane day to day activities! Just lovely company and a nice big glass of wine! I Love it. This weekend just gone we road tested No.5. before our first ever guests arrive at the end of the month.  It’s a real treat to explore our compact city in a bit more detail - we take it for granted on a daily basis but it’s such a special place.

We also aimed to check the house over and make sure the day to day living essentials were all in place, we want it to be as perfect as it can be - and we did do jobs, I’m not going to lie. There were shelves to put up and a little bit of work in the garden. The plan had been to head up to the town hall for the 7.30pm Chester Ghost Tour - however after checking online it was full for the next two weekends!! Crikey. Popular obviously and.. note to self to be more organised (and it WAS raining), so we sqeeeezed into La Fattoria for supper - it was packed to the rafters and as always the atmosphere was brilliant, the food delicious. Pudding at Gino Gelato was a treat and we were thankful for the short walk home to No.5 before turning in for the night. The boys fell asleep instantly and the beds got a big fat tick for comfort! The church bells and a car alarm reminded us we weren’t in rural Cheshire but that’s city living for you - and I can vouch for the topper on our bed. Sunday morning Mother’s Day blueberry pancakes from the kids and the kitchen survived - we needed a fish slice and a ladle - now purchased.  A lovely treaty breakfast followed by a walk down to the river through the Grosvenor Park and coffee at The Moorings finished off our mini trip perfectly.   Our 24 hours in Chester.

Next trip, I’m going to challenge myself to only go to places I’ve never tried before... and hopefully we’ll get on the ghost tour!